We are a couple who love dogs, especially primitive breeds. This made us choose the Spanish
Mastiff and the Thai Ridgeback.
And with illusion we started with dogs of pure breed and the best genetics.



Our kennel is situated in the beautiful County of La Vera (Cáceres), about 200kms from Madrid.


I grew up among them when they used to run freely in my village and we knew all and every one
of them by their names; when the old folks told us how they would defend their cattle in the presence of
wolves. Since then I love these big “teddies”: faithful,noble,careful and patient with children but brave
guardians of family and home.


As I am so keen on primitive breeds, I accidentally found out about these Thai dogs .It is well-
known in northen Europe and Russia, but not so in the South of Europe.

At fist sight, their porte and ellegance called my attention, but I decided to start breeding them when I
learnt about their independent character, their love to the family, how good they are at keeping an eye on
every member, how quiet they are (only bark at real threatenings),......It wasn't easy to get the first couple,
but here they are. And the more I get to know them, the more I enjoy their quiet and loving character